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Rose - Wind Sculpture

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Cost: $950
Size: 14″ X 20″
Artist: Mark White, markwhitefineart.com
Copper / Stainless Steel
Flat Shipping rate of $150 (Continental US Shipping Only)
Lead time is 5-7 Weeks

A rose by any other name would..SPIN as sweet? We’re no poets, but we do know a thing or two about wind powered kinetic sculptures. Like that most famously romantic bloom, Mark White’s Rose wind sculpture captures the eyes and hearts of all who see it. To some, purchasing works of wind yard art for their home may seem unnecessary and too lavish, but it is a key piece that not only improves your interior/exterior design but also benefits your mood and mental health.

This particular wind sculpture is built for small gardens, making it one of our most popular pieces of art in Mark’s collection. This kinetic wind sculpture comes with 7 color options; Purple, Red, Stainless Steel, Teal, Cobalt Blue, Bronzed or Green Verdigris. This sculpture is available in a 3, 4, or 5 foot pole.

All our kinetic wind sculptures are completely made in the USA. 

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