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Iris 3 - Wind Sculpture

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Cost: $2,600
Size: 27″ X 27″
Artist: Mark White, markwhitefineart.com
Copper / Stainless Steel
Flat Shipping rate of $190 (Continental US Shipping Only)
Lead time is 5-7 Weeks

Iris 3 is an elongated version of our Iris 2. The addition of the “bud” top reflects the many stages of flowers and in this flower’s case, it has not yet fully bloomed. This bloom does not need perfect weather to thrive, our outdoor wind sculptures are well-suited for a wide variety of climates and outdoor environments. Each finish on these kinetic garden sculptures is a unique patina that contains the best ultraviolet and corrosion inhibitors available, providing the best long-term protection.

Every kinetic wind sculpture is precisely balanced to respond to as little as 1 mph winds and are designed to slip the wind, preventing them from spinning too fast. Other kinetic wind sculptures for sale are not nearly as sensitive to the wind, or as dependable in strong winds.

This kinetic wind sculpture comes with 7 color options for top, middle, and bottom blades; Purple, Red, Stainless Steel, Teal, Cobalt Blue, Bronzed or Green Verdigris. This sculpture is available in a 4, 5 or 6 foot pole.

All our kinetic wind sculptures are completely made in the USA. 

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