Our Values

Sustainable Solutions

Intentional programs evaluate our impact and test solutions for conserving our community and the world’s well-being, furthering its existence through regenerative practices. 

  • Does No Harm + Benefits All

  • Minimal Packaging

  • Compostable + Recyclable

  • Promotes Biodiversity

Global Citizenship

We are encouraging new knowledge practices, cultivating engagement and awareness of stories, people, places, voices, and cultures across the globe and lived contexts.

  • Fair Trade + Socially Just

  • Promotes Equity + Diversity

  • Builds New Community Ties

  • Expands Community

Social Entrepreneurship

Through an inclusive and collaborative environment, ideation and innovation support meaningful action to foster change.

  • Social or Environmental Product

  • Value-Driven or Cause-Driven

  • Innovative Marketing Models

  • Generates Jobs for the Underserved